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Two Goals

Sup LJ I'm going to try and do more posts of substance in the coming days and less talk about Spring Awakening and YouTube video dumpings.

My schoolwork has been pretty bleh lately. Well, my life has been pretty bleh lately. My mood has been pretty low this past week or so and I've been staying up ridiculously late again, which killed me today when I was still awake when my sister got up at 6:30am knowing that I had to be awake by noon at the very latest. However, despite my general anxiety problems lately I had a pretty good day at school today and I even dragged myself into the library to finally, since I failed so spectacularly when it was my goal for winter break, check out a book to read (unrelated to Spring Awakening). (Though speaking of Spring Awakening and books related to it, someone at a forum I'm on got me very interested in The Confusions of Young Törless which intrigues me because I have some thing for abusive German-speaking 19th century teenage boys? Who knows. But neither my local library nor my school library has a copy. Has anyone read it and is it worth my possibly ordering a copy?)

The book in question is Me Talk Pretty One Day which I stumbled across and remembered Josh Groban liking and FYI Josh Groban is my favorite celebrity Twitterer and formerly one of my favorite singers (well, not to say I dislike him now by any means, I just don't listen to him so much anymore). So Exciting Spring Break Goal #1: Read Book.

Next, I feel like for someone hoping to get a career relating to the internets that I should make better use of them. Such as this LJ which I should actually bother to write things in that aren't related to Spring Awakening (I have another blog I try to use for that that I ought to go through and reorganize or something -- AND FOR WHICH I JUST DESIGNED A NEW LAYOUT LOOK AT THAT THING. prosopopeya says it looks like Steven Sater vomited out my header. I believe this is accurate.). Considering actually bothering to use Delicious after I got an account um like three years ago and immediately gave up on it. Firefox is such a bitch to me and I think I've become so accustomed to it crashing sometimes as much as 3 times in a night and playing videos like they're a series of still shots that I've forgotten what having a browser work well for me is like. I do have a lot of attachment to Firefox (obviously), so I'd like to try and figure out why it hates me so much and see if I can't try out the extensions and such out there for making it run faster as msmoocow suggested. But I'd also like to consider my other options. It's been a long time since I've really honestly looked at what other browsers have to offer and I haven't even downloaded Chrome yet.

ALSO I'd like to look into getting paid web hosting (which I had for many years but dropped this past summer because at the time I wasn't using it for anything useful) which means talking to my parents as I have no money. I'm struggling with free hosts now that I'm looking to start some projects that can help me use stuff I'm learning in school, not to mention it'd be nice to have a new house for my current personal project of the moment, Ghost Town. I'd like to also get another domain name (or two?). Stellmond is great and I don't want to lose it, but it's not really applicable to anything anymore. I'd sort of like to grab loveuntilwedie and I feel like I should try and get my name to get a proper portfolio site together (eventually). Though my first and last name is already taken by someone who's just hogging the domain (grrr) so my options are first name dash last name or first middle last name. Or something else? idk.

Whether I should just get a variation of my name and put my personal stuff on there also (like, in subdomains) is something I waffle about. I don't really like to associate my name with my more personal internet usage and persona, but I'm finding that as I start to dabble in like... following classmates and web design-related people on Twitter and all that that it might be too late to really make a separation even if I wanted to commit to that, and I also can't help but feel like my web presence says a lot about me... and it might be of value to have that presence associated with my name. It's weird because it puts me in a position where like... I watch what I say on Twitter a lot more now and things like that, but then again, that might be a good position to be in -- better, certainly, than someone uncovering that you have some other persona on the web that you're trying to cover up and that's where you put all of the things you wouldn't say with your professional name attached. (Or at least, remember to keep those things more truely private, such as flocked, than just putting them publicly under an alias and hoping no one discovers that alias, which actually was my strategy all through middle and high school... only to have things happen like my sister's friends discover that she was following me on Twitter and therefore found me and followed me.) 

But basically my Exciting Spring Break Goal #2: Improve My Computer Usage Habits.

Because of my failures in school I really ought to add a goal 3 to study JavaScript and junk but you know what, I'm not going to. I already worry about school, I don't need to make it a goal to worry about school.
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