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Have I won Monopoly to forfeit my soul?

For those unawares, Switchfoot is my favorite band of all time. And I'm on a bit of a Switchfoot kick tonight, and I was just amusing myself watching oooold music videos of theirs. Most people know them from around 2003/2004 with "Meant To Live" and "Dare You To Move", but they've been putting out albums since 1997. Here's one of my favorite oldskool songs of theirs, "Company Car" from their 1999 CD New Way To Be Human -- a much lighter sound than what they're known for now. THEY'RE SO YOUNG AND CUTE I WANT TO PINCH THEIR CHEEKS.


I think they're at their best musically right now with their latest album, Hello Hurricane, and I highly recommend it.

In life news I've been pretty unproductive the past couple days -- hopefully tomorrow I'll recover.
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