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A liiiiiiiiiiist of Regina Spektor songs

Regina Spektor is one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. Her music varies wildly in tone from the cute and bubbly to the dark and epic, and she is known for her love of playing with sounds and instrumentation. Her subject matter is unusual in that it does not often seem to be obviously autobiographical, instead telling stories that are often quirky or moving or both. I find that her music is something I move through slowly and digest, often finding a song I passed over one day ends up on repeat the next. I often turn to her music for writing -- her ability to capture a mood in music is something I only wish I could do with words (consider Braille). However, one unfortunate thing about her volume of material is a lot of really lovely songs of hers haven't be released on an album -- or worse, never recorded in studio at all.

So here's my current top 5 list of my favorite Regina Spektor songs I've come across that, AFAIK, you can't buy anywhere.

1. Begin to Hope

And I won't be back // Until you know my name

The fact that this song was never recorded seems sort of odd considering she has an album of this name.

2. Loveology

I'm sorry-ology // Forgive me-ology

3. Aquarius

Born of a sign that carries vessels // But in a month that's cold as ice

4. School Is Out

But where the hell are all the lucky people // I can't see them any more

(warning: some language)

5. Raindrops

In a town that's cold and gray // We will have a sunny day

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